SSS Archive – 26 February 2010

The movie starts with a credit sequence over a bunch of dudes karate wrestling in mud or something. The footage has been run through a black-and-white negative filter.  It all looks like a creepy X-ray which has the hilarious effect of making Stephen Hayes, a real-life ninja who plays the roll of ninja master / yoda / walking self-help book, look like Kenny Rogers. 

SSS Archive – 5 February 2010

Back in the day, my old entertainment standby and Web 1.0 blogspiration,, ran a quiz on “geekiness.”  It wasn’t a real quiz or anything, not like Facebook has quizzes or what have you – this was post-irony, pre-earnestness, mostly sarcastic Web 1.0 territory, before 9/11 but after grunge.  It was the kind of quizContinue reading “SSS Archive – 5 February 2010”