Race and Dungeons and Dragons: An Unsolicited Opinion – Part 1

The scholarship and culture to which I personally am responding… is still undergoing earth-shaking change. Tolkien… was being quite progressive by suggesting elves, humans, dwarves, and shire-folk could live happily together… but…that is through a contemporary lens problematic. I come here not to bury Tolkien, but to contextualize him…

One D&D and the Subscriber Model of Doom

Whenever anyone starts talking about “creating an experience,” it’s time to watch your wallet, and that’s not even the worst of your worries. I’ve been playing dungeons and dragons, and games like it, since the 1980s. I’m hardly a grognard – I’m wide open to change in the form of streamlining and simplifying rules, expandingContinue reading “One D&D and the Subscriber Model of Doom”

SSS Archive – 26 February 2010

The movie starts with a credit sequence over a bunch of dudes karate wrestling in mud or something. The footage has been run through a black-and-white negative filter.  It all looks like a creepy X-ray which has the hilarious effect of making Stephen Hayes, a real-life ninja who plays the roll of ninja master / yoda / walking self-help book, look like Kenny Rogers.