Race and Dungeons and Dragons: An Unsolicited Opinion – Part 1

The scholarship and culture to which I personally am responding… is still undergoing earth-shaking change. Tolkien… was being quite progressive by suggesting elves, humans, dwarves, and shire-folk could live happily together… but…that is through a contemporary lens problematic. I come here not to bury Tolkien, but to contextualize him…

SSS Archive – 5 February 2010

Back in the day, my old entertainment standby and Web 1.0 blogspiration, Suck.com, ran a quiz on “geekiness.”  It wasn’t a real quiz or anything, not like Facebook has quizzes or what have you – this was post-irony, pre-earnestness, mostly sarcastic Web 1.0 territory, before 9/11 but after grunge.  It was the kind of quizContinue reading “SSS Archive – 5 February 2010”

SSS Archive – 20 January 2010

receding the industrial revolution, labor was cheap and materials were expensive.  That’s why everything from before the 1800’s is covered in lace and filigree or carved out in bas relief – some landlord would trade off a cow, a sheep, a hectare of land and a daughter of virtue true for about half an ounceContinue reading “SSS Archive – 20 January 2010”