SSS Archive – 26 February 2010

The movie starts with a credit sequence over a bunch of dudes karate wrestling in mud or something. The footage has been run through a black-and-white negative filter.  It all looks like a creepy X-ray which has the hilarious effect of making Stephen Hayes, a real-life ninja who plays the roll of ninja master / yoda / walking self-help book, look like Kenny Rogers. 

SSS Archive – 22, February 2010

This post was one of the first to incorporate images – I abandoned the old model of text + links in favor of images with captions. I then deleted the captions on this repost because they weren’t funny.

How’s it Goin’?

Worse. When I started really looking at the world around me in a semi-adult way starting sometime in the early 2000s, I started to understand that things were bad. In large part this came thanks to a sort of awakening of self-awareness which, to be blunt, I had lacked. I recently re-read some George HerbertContinue reading “How’s it Goin’?”


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