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Writer. Teacher. Detroiter. Reader. Critic. Aging Gen X-er.

Dr. Vytautas Malesh (MFA, PhD) is a writer and professor living and working in Miami, Florida. He has moved so many times that it’s difficult to say where he’s actually from, but he always, enthusiastically, claims Detroit. Content added on a need-to-write basis.

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SSS Archive – 22, February 2010

This post was one of the first to incorporate images – I abandoned the old suck.com model of text + links in favor of images with captions. I then deleted the captions on this repost because they weren’t funny.

How’s it Goin’?

Worse. When I started really looking at the world around me in a semi-adult way starting sometime in the early 2000s, I started to understand that things were bad. In large part this came thanks to a sort of awakening of self-awareness which, to be blunt, I had lacked. I recently re-read some George HerbertContinue reading “How’s it Goin’?”

Two Years

We have to remember. We have to remember how it felt, why it happened, who’s to blame, and what it cost us. Every last bit of it.


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