Vytautas Malesh

Masking up before it was cool.

Dr. Vytautas Malesh (MFA, PhD) is a writer and professor living and working in Miami, Florida. He has moved so many times that it’s difficult to say where he’s actually from, but he always, enthusiastically, claims Detroit. Content added on a need-to-write basis.

Latest Posts

Dirt Cheap Dungeons Cavern Set – A Review

I strongly recommend the DCD system for anyone looking to add affordable, easy-to-use walls to their role playing games, and I’ll double down on that recommendation so far as this new Cavern System is concerned.

Intimidation and Persuasion in Dungeons and Dragons

[A] persuaded NPC can be trusted because they act in their own self-interest in addition to whatever communal interest has been established. An intimidated NPC cannot be trusted because they act only in their own self-preservation and share in no communal benefit in so doing.


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