Vytautas Malesh

Masking up before it was cool.

Dr. Vytautas Malesh (MFA, PhD) is a writer and professor living and working in Miami, Florida. He has moved so many times that it’s difficult to say where he’s actually from, but he always, enthusiastically, claims Detroit. Content added on a need-to-write basis.

Latest Posts

What a Summer

Wrapping up from a double-overloaded summer semester, and heading into a double-overloaded fall semester.

You could say I like to work.

So I Ask Again: How’s That Novel Coming..?

Clocking in at 334 pages, I have completed the first draft of the novel I’ve been working on for the last year-ish. I’ve sent a copy to one of my trusted readers for first impressions, and I for my part have begun pen-and-paper edits.

End of Term Blues?

Semesters can be intense, truly. Over a span of weeks (as few as three, as many as 16) I and a number of students all work hard and try our best. We usually develop something of a friendship, and I hope in the end that we all learn from each other.

Dungeon Alchemist – A Review

Final verdict: Worth the money – it’s practically a game unto itself. Makes map-making fun (if not always totally sensible) and is a better handout generator than I would dare to ask for.


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