Vytautas Malesh

Masking up before it was cool.

Dr. Vytautas Malesh (MFA, PhD) is a writer and professor living and working in Miami, Florida. He has moved so many times that it’s difficult to say where he’s actually from, but he always, enthusiastically, claims Detroit. Content added on a need-to-write basis.

Latest Posts

Big Moose Semifinalist!

I am extremely honored, and beyond that, absolutely encouraged to continue seeking publication for this work, and to continue writing others. Miller time!

The Helmet Story

For lack of a proper blog post, I present this new page for the archives: the history of the Detroit City Football Club Horns Crew helmets:

The Metapocalypse

Everything about metaverse looked awful from the onset, and its ad campaign has done nothing but hint at the inevitability of some sort of bleak, sexless dystopia in which human beings, desperate for real interaction, walk around with plastic boxes strapped to their faces seemingly unaware that what they seek requires them only to break…


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