SSS Archive – 23 November 2009

In a way, what this post really is, as are most of the old “unsolicited advice for writers” posts, is a love-letter to the training that ironed out my writing. It was thanks to great professors like Chris Leland, Doug Unger, and Pablo Medina, among MANY others, that I started being able to find my voice and hit the harder notes. It still took me a while to get really publishable, but no doubt that I’m a fine example of education working as designed insofar as writing is concerned.

SSS Archive 2 November 2009

My second grade teacher Mrs. Schumacher (a woman old enough to have wet-nursed the Kaiser and mean enough to have babysat Hitler) told us after a creative writing exercise that there were people that did nothing more for work than sit around and write stories, and it was at that point that I was 100%Continue reading “SSS Archive 2 November 2009”