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  • Buying Magical Items
    • Players in 5e wind up with a lot of gold, and often not much to do with it. Finding magical items in treasure can be rewarding, but irregular and unsatisfying. These rules provide a chance (and only a chance) to get that warm, gushy, “just what I always wanted” feeling that comes from getting exactly what you want…at a price.
  • Dungeon Time
    • The time it takes to explore a dungeon is not especially clear in the 5e core materials. As such, interpretations of other sources are distilled below in order to increase realism, challenge, and immersion. The rule of thumb for being in a room and not doing anything in particular is 5 minutes. This assumes that the party is in a very general sense advancing at a semi-cautious pace (versus blasting headlong from room to room OR versus painstakingly investigating). This also assumes a room of 4×4 (20ft x 20ft) or smaller.
    • Note: A faster way to do this? Say 5 minutes per non-combat round. For my money, the more complex & detailed description linked to is better and cuts back on player complaint, but your mileage may vary.