What a Summer

Wrapping up from a double-overloaded summer semester, and heading into a double-overloaded fall semester.

You could say I like to work.

Oh and I also caught COVID and that SUUUUUUCKED.

I’d dodged the bullet for so long that I had begun to think I was somehow above it. Stupid, stupid, stupid, dumb, stupid. Regardless, my symptoms were “moderate” and were actually only intense for about 2-3 days. After that I was just achy, snotty, and tired. I lost my sense of taste for about a week, and as of today, 2 months after the fact, I’m hunky-dory.

Otherwise, I am continuing edits & revision on the novel I drafted earlier this year. Plans are still on track to start shopping it in the fall. Will anyone want it? Who can say? I guess the people who might buy it would, so there’s that.

In other writing news: Been doing a lot of course design. If you’re not familiar with Quality Matters, it’s a set of standards for online course design encouraged by my university. I’m trying to launch one course (Web Writing) in the fall that is QM-compliant right out of the gate. Over the next year, I’ll be getting my other courses in-line as well.

I’ve also been cleaning up my online life. I stopped posting content to facebook earlier this year, and last week I logged out as a sort of account-deletion test run. That means I’m going to be getting even deeper into WordPress in order to learn its intricacies so that I can move more and more content over here.

That’s a quick content update – it’s been a busy summer, it’s going to be a busy fall, but like I said, and you could say: I like to work.

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