How’s That Novel Coming?

Very well!

I’m writing here to break the habit of sinking into my own editing and to start “broadcasting” news of my writing world. Namely? How is my novel going.

I started my current project well over one year ago. In fact, the actual “germ” of the thing, the seed, came to me about three years ago while I was swimming in the ocean. I was inspired to a small burst of poesy that I locked away for a while until such time as I felt ready to move on it.

And then all at once, move I did. I wrote “around” The scene, which was tricky – I had to get to where I was and then launch something from that. It took some doing.

However – it is done! I have completed a 300+ page draft that I’m about 1/3 of the way through first edits on as I write this. Another few weeks and I’ll be looking for first readers and conducting my pen-in-hand second round of edits. If all that goes well, it’s back for a third round of revision and then off to find someone to publish it.

So hey, sorry for the lack of updates…and honestly, I’m on the fence about the one thing I *have* been updating more consistently (the SSS Archive) because it’s kind of a lot of work and kind of not a lot of reward…so we’ll see what this blog does over the coming years.

Yes, years – I paid for the domain and the hosting. Better believe you can find me here for a good long while!

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